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  1. PRIVACY POLICY:About the Privacy Policy: has implemented this Privacy Policy. It provides information about what kinds of Personal Information we may collect or hold, how we collect, hold, uses, and reveals that Personal Information, choices you have regarding our use of that Personal Information, and your capability to access or correct that Personal Information. If you desire to make any inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, you should contact our Customer Service Team in any of the ways specified in paragraph 15.
    From time to time, may relate to other companies and entities (related entities). This Privacy Policy requests to the use of your Personal Information by us and by those related entities. Those related entities may also have their privacy policies which set out additional detail or dissimilarities in their privacy practices. To the dimensions that those privacy policies are inconsistent with this Privacy Policy, those privacy policies prevail over this Privacy Policy concerning the actions of those related entities. A recommendation in this Privacy Policy to, we, or us, is also a reference to those related entities.
    Where mentioned in this Privacy Policy, “Platform” means the platform, together with the website, services, and functionality made available through the Platform.
    Personal Information
    “Personal Information” is details or an opinion, whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an identified individual or a reasonably identifiable individual.
    What Personal details or information do we collect and hold?
    The types of personal details or information we may collect about an individual depends upon the nature of our relation with them. Personal information that we gather may include (but is not limited to) the following:
    Date of Birth or age.
    Contact details, including telephone numbers (landline or mobile) applicable for organizations or representatives of those organizations.
    Current Address with postal Address.
    Email address.
    Driving license details and driving license number (Identification information)
    Bank Account with Credit Card Payment details.
    Booking history and Transaction
    Occupation and Employment details.
    Information from or in connection with your job application or resume if you apply for a Job placement with us
    ABN (Australian Business Number) or Other accepted foreign. Company registration number.
    Passport and Visa details.
    Property Ownership, and
    Rental References or Prior.We gather and record Personal Details or Information about the respective person, such as:
    Potential users or our users, their spokespersons, their property, and building managers.
    Our suppliers, potential suppliers, and their representatives, directors, proprietors, partners, shareholders contractors, subcontractors, potential contractors, subcontractors and their representatives concerning providing goods and services to our cleaners and other contractors or subcontractors and potential contractors and subcontractors, and their representatives, concerning providing services to users of the Platform. Our employees past and present, any other person, and including applicants who comes into proximity with When and how do we collect Personal Information?
    We collect your details/information to allow us to perform our business functions, market, provide, and sell our products or services and for the specified causes set out in paragraph 6. In some situations, or conditions, the collection of Personal Information may require by law.
    We may gather your Personal Information in the course of providing you with goods or services, or:
    When you register as a user, use your account on the Platform, our services, and products.
    When you provide us, apply to supply us or offer, with goods or services.
    When you provide details by filling the form, via email, over the phone, or providing us a business card.
    When you appeal, information about us or our products and services.
    When you give feedback to us on the Platform.
    When you visit for filling the form on our website or visit the property in respect of which our Platform operates.
    When you visit properties from which we operate.
    When you register a property on our Platform.
    When you provide information to us in the course of conducting or administering our relationship with you or carrying out activities connected with our business operations.
    When you request a job position for us.
    When you contact us by telephone, email, fax, social media, post or in person, or
    Where we require or authorized by law to do so.


    Usually, when providing our products and services, dealing with our personnel, or acquiring goods and services from our service providers, suppliers, or contractors, we may collect Personal details/information directly from the relevant individual where reasonable and practicable.
    We may also collect Personal details/information about you from third parties and other sources such as:
    Your nominated representatives (e.g., power of attorney, spouse, accountant, brokers, and other executive advisors) are officially available sources of information, or related entities, companies, and businesses of But we only collect your details in this way. If it is impracticable or unreasonable to collect this information directly from you or if we are otherwise permitted to do so.
    We may not provide you with a different notice about privacy when we engage with your multiple times over a short period about the same matter each time we engage with you.
    If you choose not to disclose your Personal Information to us for the purposes, set out in this Privacy Policy, or if we do not or are unable to collect the Personal Information we require, you cannot book or list spaces on the Platform. We don’t serve you with the requested information, products, and services, so we may not be able to conduct our relationship with you effectively.
    Information collected via our website
    Personal information may be collected by our third-party service providers and by us. They assist us in handling our Platform at, including its subdomains and any different website we operate from time to time.
    We may use different technological methods from time to time to track the visiting patterns of individuals accessing our website, including but not limited to the methods set out in paragraph.

    Google Analytics:
    We are using Google Analytics to help analyze how you use our website, including analyzing traffic on the Platform and website. Google Analytics creates statistical and other information about website use using cookies stored on users’ computers. The information generated used to create reports about the use of our Platform and Website. Google stores this information.
    If you don’t want your website visit data collected by Google Analytics, you can install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. For complete information on installing and uninstalling the add-on, please visit the Google Analytics page, link here:

    Click Stream Data:
    When you browse, download, or read information from our website, our internet service provider or we may also collect information such as the date, time and duration of a visit, the pages accessed, the IP address of your computer, and any information downloaded.
    We use the collected information for statistical, reporting, website administration, improvement, and maintenance purposes.

    Our website may use ‘cookies’ occasionally. Cookies are small text files installed to a user’s computer hard drive by a website to store information about a user’s identity, browser type, or website visiting patterns. On our website, cookies may be used to monitor web traffic, for example, the time of visit, pages visited, and some system information about the type of used computer. We use this information to upgrade the content and services offered on our website.
    Cookies sometimes used to gather information about what pages you visit and the type of software you are using. If you visit our website or click-through to our website from a link in any email we send, a cookie may download onto your computer’s hard drive.
    Cookies may also use for other purposes on our website, including retargeting and remarketing, based on user data. We may use third-party tools to assist in the control of Cookies.
    You can set up your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie sent. Every browser is different, so check the “Help” menu option of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences.
    If you deactivate the use of cookies on your web browser or remove or reject specific cookies from our website or linked sites, then you may not be able to gain access to all of the content and facilities on those websites.

    Web Beacons:
    Web beacons are images that arise from a third-party site to track visitor activities or tasks. We use web beacons to follow the visiting patterns of individuals accessing our website.
    Third-party content (e.g., social media links)

    Some of the content on our Platform and website comprises applications made available by third parties, such as social media buttons or links (i.e., Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn links). It allows you to share content or links to our Website and Platform through the relevant third-party platforms. These third-party applications themselves may assist the gathering of information by those third parties, through your connection with the applications and sometimes even if you do not connect directly with them. We are not guaranteed for the technical operation of these applications or the gathering and use actions of the similar third parties. Please visit the similar third-party websites to understand their privacy and options they may make available to you concerning their collection of your Personal Information.

    How do we use your private information?
    We use the private information we gather from you for our business functions and activities, to operate our business efficiently, and to market our products and services (e.g., the Platform) for our users.

    We may hold, collect, and use your Personal Information:
    To recognize and communicate with you.
    To enable us to give you the requested information, products, and services (including the Platform and associated services).
    To assist users by providing them with detailed information and support. To enable us to investigate or respond to negative feedback or complaints made in respect of users of the Platform.
    To collect and process payments.
    To help us to enhance and manage products or services we provide to you (including the Platform).
    To help us to enhance and manage goods and services, we procure from our suppliers and subcontractors.
    To customize and personalize your experiences on our Website and Platform.
    To administer and manage any account you may hold with us.
    To market and promote our services and products to you.
    To give you with information that we believe may be of interest to you or that you may be interested in receiving, including advertising material regarding our business partners and us
    to research to improve existing products or services or create new services or products to help us research the needs of our clients to enable us to market our services and products with a better understanding of your needs and the needs of clients generally
    to provide for the safety and security of workers and onsite visitors to our business premises to help us manage our business performances for business support purposes including maintenance, backup, and audit to process any job application request applied by you.
    to respond to any queries or complaints you may have, or
    to comply with our statutory and legal obligations.
    We hold the right to monitor, review, retain, or disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any applicable law. However, we do not commit to monitor the use of the Website or Platform to retain the content of any user session.
    You consent to us using your Private/Personal Information in the above ways and as set out in this Privacy Policy.
    We may also collect, disclose, or use your Personal Information where the collection, use, or disclosure is:
    under this Privacy Policy or any agreement, you enter into with us, or
    required or authorized by law, including without limitation the United Arab Emirates Law.
    When do we disclose your Personal Information? may reveal, or provide access to your Private Information to third parties in connection with the causes described in paragraph.

    6. Depending on the situations and the nature of your engagement with us, we may disclose personal information to our related entities. These third parties provide services and products to us or through us or to other third parties (such as your referee(s) concerning a job request you have submitted).

    We may also disclose your Personal Information:’s any internal divisions, departments, business units, and related entities. Your nominated representatives.
    Other organizations or individuals who assist us in providing products and services to you.
    Other service providers who assist us in our business functions (an example of which is our third-party payments provider in respect to payment processing (currently Stripe – see Stripe’s Global Privacy Policy at for further information about Stripe’s privacy practices))
    Executive service providers and advisors who perform functions on our behalf, such as lawyers, providers who are required to assist with the assessment of insurance claims spokesperson, agents or contractors who are assigned by us in the ordinary operation of our business to guide us in providing services or goods or administering our business (such as for data storage or processing, marketing, planning, mailing, and product, service, or printing development).
    Banks, mortgage insurers, leaders, valuers, real estate agents (referees), insurers, brokers, auditors, business consultants and IT service providers, government, regulatory authorities, and other organizations are required or authorized by law in the relevant jurisdiction.
    We may also reveal your Private Information to our Website host or software application providers in certain circumstances, for example, when our website experiences a technical problem or that it operates effectively and securely.
    As we continue to maintain our business, we may buy, merge, or partner with other companies or businesses, and in so doing, acquire customer information. In such transactions, user information or data may be among the transferred assets similarly, if a portion or substantially, all business or assets are sold or transferred to a third party. We may also disclose customer information, including your Personal Information to a purchaser or potential purchaser in connection with the sale or potential sale of us, our business, or any of our assets, including in insolvency.

    Overseas Disclosures:
    Some of your Personal Information/details may be disclosed, transferred, stored, processed, or used overseas by third-party service providers or us. It may take place if:
    Our related entities or offices are overseas; we outsource certain activities overseas transactions or information, services, or products have an overseas connection, or our computer systems, including IT servers, are located overseas.

    Your consent to the storage, collection, use, and processing of your Personal Information outside of Australia as set out in this Privacy Policy.
    In particular, your Personal Information may disclose to third parties in the Philippines, and such other countries in which those parties or they’re, or our computer systems may be located from time to time, where it may use for the causes described in this Privacy Policy. In these situations, you consent to the collection, use, storage, and processing of your Personal Information in those countries, without us being responsible under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) for such use (or for any breach). Where such parties located overseas, you may have the right to enforce such parties’ compliance with applicable data protection laws. However, you might not have recourse against those parties under the Australian Privacy Act concerning how those parties treat your Personal Information.
    Other uses and disclosures
    We may collect, use, and reveal your Personal Information for other purposes not listed in this Privacy Policy. If we do so, we take reasonable steps to make known to you when we collect or use your Personal Information.
    You consent to us using your Private Information for sending you details, including promotions, about us or our services and products, as well as the services and products of our related entities and third parties, now or in the future. You also consent to us forwarding you such information through direct mail, telemarketing, email, SMS, and MMS messages.
    If you don’t want to receive marketing materials information from us or if you want to end receiving telemarketing, you can unsubscribe in any of the ways below:
    By clicking on the “Subscribe” or “Unsubscribe” provided links in a direct marketing email that you have received from us, or contact us using the provided contact details specified in paragraph segment 15.
    Security of Personal Information and storage held by us:
    We aim to keep your Private Data secure. Any Personal Information that has collected via our Website or Platform, which held on our computer systems, is protected by safeguards including physical, technical (firewalls and encryption.), and procedural methods.
    If we find that we no longer need or have no further requirement for your Personal Information, we may de-identify it or remove it from our systems and destroy all record of it.
    You can use and update your Personal Information.
    You are generally entitled to use Personal Information full access to your Personal Information. Depending on the nature of the request, 

    How do we manage the complaints about Privacy Policy?
    If you feel that we have not admired your privacy or have conducted ourselves inconsistently with this Privacy Policy, please contact our Customer Success Team in any of the ways specified in paragraph segment 15 and give us your advice as soon as possible. We would investigate your queries and privacy complaints within a reasonable period depending on the complexity if it made in writing. Please detail the information relevant to your complaint.
    We notify you of the outcome of our investigation.

    Updates to the Privacy Policy:
    We may, timely, review, and update this Privacy Policy, including to take into account new laws, regulations, practices, and technology. All Personal Information collected by us is governed by our most recent Privacy Policy, posted on our website at privacy-policy, where the Privacy Policy located. Any changes to this Privacy Policy may advise you by updating this page on our website. We encourage you to check this page timely for any changes.

    What to do if you have a problem, question, or want to contact us about our use of your Personal Information or this Privacy Policy.
    If you:

    Having a query or concern about this Privacy Policy or our Personal Information handling processes, we request to make a complaint concerning a breach of your privacy would like to access your Personal Information held by us.
    Would you like to update or correct your Personal Information held by us, or would like to opt-out of direct marketing, please contact our Customer Success Team.

  2.  may charge for providing access to this information; however, such charge becomes excessive. However, there may be some administrative or legal reasons to deny access. If we reject your request to access your Personal Information, we provide you with reasons for the refusal where we are required by law to give those reasons.
    You can correct or access some of your Personal Information through the Website or Platform by logging into your account and updating or editing your profile at any time. Alternatively, a request for access can make by contacting our Customer Success Team in any of the ways specified in paragraph 15.
    We take all sensible steps to ensure that any Personal Information we collect and use is up-to-date, accurate, and complete. To help us in this, you need to provide correct, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself to-date. To help us in this, you need to give accurate, correct, complete, and current information about yourself as required and completely update the information provided to us to keep it accurate, correct, current, and complete.
    Please connect us in any of the following mentioned ways in paragraph 15 if you believe that the Personal Information is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. We use all reasonable efforts to correct the information.
    It would assist us to ensure we correctly understand your request, allow us to reply more promptly only if requests include as much detail as possible and made in writing.

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